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It was the photobook that captured my attention actually. I’m simply amazed by photobooks.

So with that I booked Cre8tiveminds Photography. They offered 3 hours unlimited shots in high definition photos, a 10 page photobook and a promise that they capture what no one else can see.

Lulu was so easy to deal with, she can block the date holding only your words for it. I found out later that they’re a hubby and wifey tandem… so cute!

They arrived really early during Twinkle’s party. And when they saw us, the clicking never ended!

Here’s a few of their shots…




A week after the event, they posted some pictures at their FB account. It was a teaser alright! I got so excited that I downloaded all of it.

Then at exactly 2 weeks after the event, these came in…

<a few pages from the photobook> 


I didn’t expected for the cd to be personalized, so that’s another plus point. The photobook was really really really nice… really! It was so nice that we decided to get another one, a bigger one. We’ll give Lala a copy of the photobook 🙂

My rating for Cre8tiveminds? 10+++++++++++++++++
We’ll definitely get their services on every event we hold 🙂


I have to admit, I’m a little hesistant to get his services. Why? I haven’t seen him perform before and I’ve never heard of him… hehehe… He’s actually the accredited magician of Creamery so it was the no-choice kind…

I had the courage to book him because one time Creamery told me that he’ll be performing and that I am welcome to watch if I have the time. I didn’t ofcoarse (that’s like gate crashing), but because of that confidence I was convinced that he might be good.

Here’s some of the reaction during his performance at Twinkle’s party



The kids were amazed!… hmm, come to think of it… I bet the adults were too! hahahaha

Here he is, doing his thing…



I’ll have to give him a 10 out of 10! Most of the guests enjoyed his performance, some of my officemates were even entrigued… hehehehe

They setup the entire place… everything! I leave it to hoping and wishing that it’ll look nice.

The outcome…

*** just a note, the cake and giveaways are not from Creamery ***

And I like it!


Here’s the food setup:

Lootbags, that came from the kiddie package I availed:

The place really looked like a party venue.. I liked what they did with the decors and set-up.

The party organizers and hosts (c/o creamery) did great. The program flow was nice, no dull moment 🙂 Here’s a picture during game time!


I liked their games actually, it’s not the usual bring me, trip to jerusalem.. etc..

And here’s some shots during picture time!

BTW, they also setup a separate area for the kids…


I really liked their dance numbers, it made the party more lively…

And yes, everyone was in themed costume 🙂

So overall I’ll give Creamery a 9 out of 10. Just some comments and here’s why I didn’t gave a perfect score. The airconditioning was a little warm for me. It would have been perfect if it was cooler. Plus they might have forgotten to setup a separate table and chair for us, I’d like to call that the Daddy, Mommy and Baby area. I actually requested for that one, maybe they just forgot. But these are just minor glitches… I’ll still book another party with Creamery given the chance 🙂

Among all the cake suppliers available, I decided to avail of Punky’s services.

She is very easy to deal with, although there are times when she can’t reply immediately on emails and texts. But for me this is understandable, since she deals with a lot of clients.

The important thing is, she made all my requests and showed up on the day of our event. Actually she was really really early, I didn’t had the chance to personally meet her since after she finished setting up the cake she had to go for another delivery.

When it comes to taste, the chocolate cake tasted really good (and it stayed moist 2-3 days after the event). The cupcakes I didn’t get to taste but some guests (those that I have managed to ask), said it tastes good also. Although the boild/fondant icing were a little too sweet for me.

Now the looks…

<closer look>


For me, the cake looks perfect! It turned out to be what I was aiming for 🙂

BTW, one comment I got was.. “girl na girl” daw yung cake… yup, just like my little princess 🙂

The very first thing I did on the day of Twinkle’s big day was to call up Microtel.

I initially reserved a double city view room, this room is facing the back of the hotel. At first, I thought we really don’t need a good view… we just want a good room.. so why not. Plus it cost a little cheaper than the room facing mall of asia.

So there I was, getting in touch with the reservation personnel because of my early check in/late check out request. Normally, check in time is 2pm then check out is at 12pm the following day. But since Twinkle’s party is at 3pm, I need to confirm if we can check in at 12pm instead.

I was informed that they cannot accomodate my request. So I asked what if we get a room upgrade and opt with the Sunset view room instead. Fortunately, with the room upgrade we can proceed with 12pm check in then 2pm check out the following day. Whew! what a relief! Now things are going my way. I swear I was even willing to get the Suite room if the Sunset view room was not available… hehehe…

At around 11am, we’re on our way to the hotel. After a few stop over we arrived at a little pass 12pm.

At the reception area, everything went smoothly. Checking in was a breeze 🙂 Not to mention the bell boy finished putting our things on the cart faster than I’d expect. And we had a lot of stuff… and I mean a lot… we even brought Twinkle’s crib… so you can just imagine how many our stuff were.

Microtel passed my first impression with flying colors. And I even got amazed how high tech their elevator was… hehehe…

Then our room…

It has 2 queen sized beds, the mattress was really comfy. The lights were perfectly positioned around the room. We also have a phone, a digital alarm clock, a ref, airconditioning, an lcd tv with cable, a dresser, an ikea cabinet that I so adore, a safety deposit box and ofcoarse a view of sm mall of asia.

The bathroom came with a hot and cold shower and a hair dryer. Like the room, it was spotless. Clean as you can imagine 🙂

My only comment was, “walang bath tub?!”… hehehe. I found out that bath tubs are only available on the Suite rooms. But that’s ok, I like the shower anyway 🙂

Now we get to prepare ourselves for the party comfortably.

We left the hotel at around 2:30pm, the personnel were really friendly. They even greeted my daughter happy birthday when they found out we’re celebrating.

BTW, they have a shuttle service for the guests. The van can drop you off and pick you up when you’re going to MoA, it takes its rounds hourly. It’s was really nice, they offered that service to us. But we passed, we need our car to load up gifts and some leftovers (if any) when we get back.

After the party, as expected, we were dead tired already. Thus, we’re really glad we had a room stone-throw away from the party venue. So it took us probably a minute from the venue to our room.. yey!

We got back at around 6:30pm. We had time to settle then…

Perfect timing! I so love this moment. We got to watch MoA’s firework display in the comfort of our room. Perfect view! We so love the Sunset view room.

Sleep time came and we slept like we’re home.

In the morning, we got to enjoy buffet breakfast. The food was great!

Buffet table was setup in the middle of the restaurant, which is in the lobby…

They had garlic rice, scrambled eggs, egg soup (which Twinkle loved!), grilled potatoes, grilled or was that baked? bacon, grilled or baked sausage (really juicy), white/wheat/french bread that you can heat over their oven, jams, fruit juices, fruits, cereals, salad, coffee, tea… I think I got it all… hehehe

Breakfast was from 6am to 10am… and it was superb!

After eating we checked out their pool area.

Then we jumped in!

and enjoyed..

Soon it was time to go…

We enjoyed our stay, given another chance we’ll gladly book a room at microtel again…

’til the next time!

It was thru smart parenting‘s forum that I came to here about Handicrafts atbp. I saw their works and I find it cute. To be honest, I wasn’t considering ordering from them at first until I thought of why not ask if they could produce something that I had in mind.

Twinkle’s party would be princess themed. I saw some princess characters readily available on Handicrafts’ site but I didn’t like it too much, yes it’s nice but it cannot be given to the boys.

Until I inquired and gave all the details that I wanted to Grace.

Here is the picture of what I was requesting…

A crown-shaped kiddie stool that should come in pink and blue colors… simple right? But I wanted some details to be written in the middle of this kiddie chair 🙂

Grace said they can do it, and they can give it to me on the date I requested (which was really ahead of the party, I didn’t want any problems with the schedule)

And with that, I gave in 🙂

After a few weeks, Grace emailed the sample to me. I liked it! 🙂 and gave the go-signal to mass produce.. hehehe

And as scheduled, Aug3 the kiddie stools are ready for pick-up… here they are…

.. a closer look…

nice eh? 🙂

Hopefully the kids attending Twinkle’s party will like this (as much as I do).. hehehe

So Handicrafts atbp’s rating? 5/5!

Easy to deal with, reasonable price, on-time delivery… like! like! like! 😀

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  • twinkleturnsone: happy planning sis! and goodluck to your party :D
  • mariajezibel: thanks for sharing this sis.. I'm going to have Ms. Punky as a supplier of my Baby's birthday cake :)
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